Children in 1M have taken on a new role in the classroom: Class Historians. Each day three children are assigned the role of either Director, Photographer or Writer and as a group they share the News of the Day. The Director looks at the daily schedule to determine what s/he wants to focus on. The photographer then captures the learning moment or activity in two or three images. The writer thinks about how to share this news including why the activity was selected, what is happening in the picture, why it is important and what they learned. Finally the children work with the technology facilitator to put it all together. The children have taken ownership of these roles as well as in producing this weekly news. They are learning how to download the images from the camera to the computer, import the pictures to either i-photo or directly to Pixie, enlarge and arrange the image or images on the page, add and edit text, and then narrate the whole thing. You may notice that some words are not spelled correctly; that is when the students took over the role of actually typing the text. As this is their project, I have chosen to keep their spellings as is. It is a true collaboration between the children in each group, from finding the letters on the keyboard, to helping to spell words, and even helping each other write more descriptive, richer sentences. It is a process that involves cooperation, collaboration, communication and creativity.