Many students in First Grade are interested in reading. These same students are interested in sharing their reading with other students, in particular, Pre-K and Kindergarten students and others who might want to listen to a story and follow along while reading. They selected a book, practiced reading, then recorded themselves in Garage Band, creating a podcast of the book. Here is our library which will (hopefully) continue to grow.


Why the Frog has Big Eyes, read by Vivian

Can You Read a Map? read by Trevor

Today is Monday read by Sophie

Sleepy Dog read by Samantha

Counting Bugs read by Moses

Sleepy Dog read by Kyle

More Spaghetti I Say read by Chloe

Sam and Jack: Three Stories read by Jane

Goal! read by Gyasi

What I See read by Grey

City Mouse and Country Mouse read by Ethan

Class Pets read by Chris

The Great Race read by Chase

Funny Foods read by Cassie

The Lunch Box Surprise read by Bryan

I Can Help read by Brooke

Where's Your Tooth? read by Ava


What I See read by Nate

The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry,
read by Tanner

From Tadpole to Frog
read by Tanner

My Tooth is About to Fall Out
read by Nate

Puppy Mudge Has a Snack
read by Nate

Biscuit Takes a Walk read by Tanner

Puppy Mudge Takes a Bath read by Liv

More Spaghetti, Please! read by Julia

Jan Has a Doll read by Katherine

Helping Mom and Dad read by Ben

I am Lost read by Katherine

More Spaghetti I Say read by Liv

Have You Seen the Crocodile?
read by Ben